Featured Image: Church inside of LARC Acadian Village in Lafayette, LA. Over 1,000 lights are shown here and over 500,000 throughout the entire park.

We carry a limited inventory of lighting accessories and technology that we have available for rent or purchase for your DIY project. Looking for a pre-made lit fixture? Check out our Carpenter Products page and let us send you a catalog.

Don’t see what you need below? Call us and we can get it for you!

Custom Controllers
LED or incandescent mini, C7 and C9 controllers 
Programmable effects
16 possible functions available 
Some feature adj. speed

C7 & C9
Variety of bulb colors available
Green or White Cord 
Variety of bulb spacing 
Available in up to 1000 ft spools

Variety of bulb colors available 
Green or White Cord 
5.5″ spacing between bulbs or 2″ spacing 
(2″ spacing only available in white cord) 
35 to 100 lights per set

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