The summertime is a time that we embrace following a busy Christmas season. We use this downtime as an opportunity to “reset”. We go to Market. We order new merchandise and materials. We meet with clients to discuss the past year and look ahead to the future. We organize our inventory and search the new trends.

Because this year was our first in a new warehouse, we have been trying to plan a over-the-top showroom area that would showcase our props and decor while staying current with trends and offer several nice displays that will appeal to new and existing clients when they come to visit.

Kelly had been staring at this corner of the room for quite some time trying to decide what to do with it before it finally dawned on her.
“Louisiana. Cajun. Hellooooooooooo!”

It took some brain racking but with us being from South Louisiana, everyone is familiar with a children’s book titled “Cajun Night Before Christmas”.

So, to begin, Kelly approached the warehouse manager with photos and a rough sketch. Once everyone was on the same page with a vision, we started with the planning. Miraculously, on Timmy’s way home, he noticed that an old fence had been pulled down and was placed at the roadside to be thrown away that evening. He beat the garbage truck, loaded up the fence boards and returned to the office the next morning ready to get started.

With some cinder-blocks set onto a plywood base, we were able to raise the wood “floor” from the ground to have an elevated display.
We covered two existing walls with the boards to create a backdrop that resembled an old porch, then managed to find some old tin sheets to create a roof.

Pulling the rest of the details were quite simple once this part of the project was completed.

Kelly chose to use a Woody Creek style tree which has rubber tips and isn’t as full as other options that we carry, giving her the ability to fill the tree with larger ball ornaments and more stems. To stick with the “Southern” theme, she used pieces that she had in the warehouse like gold or moss green colored ball ornaments, a 10k gold glittered Magnolia leaf spray, black and gold glittered pinecones, a light gold glittered fern leaf spray and a sea foam green Money plant stem.

We had two large, standing alligator props available from one of our shopping centers that Kelly was able to include in order to tie it all together.

Originally, the plan was to build half of a “boat” figure to make this space a photo area for guests to come in with their families for a non-traditional Christmas card, but while the plans for that are drawn up, we found an extra Santa boxed in the warehouse and placed him into the center of the display. The pop of red from his coat was a very nice touch, so Kelly took a 2.5″ red velvet ribbon and made bows which she then glued onto the chest of both alligators.

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