Welcome to Christmas Depot Inc.!

We are glad you stopped by for a visit. The 2010 Holiday season is over but we are already ordering for 2011. With new projects and new products it should turn out to be a great season. New Technology is bringing even more GREEN to the holiday season and we don't mean trees. We are embracing the newest LED lighting as a long term replacement for filament based bulbs. Not only do the LEDs draw less power, their life expectancy is far greater, as is their durability; a big plus in the commercial decorating world.

Doctor Museum at the Acadian Village, Lafayette, LA

We pride ourselves in developing strong relationships with our clients and their communities, since most of our clients are communities!

LARC is one of our oldest and largest clients. They host "Noel Acadien Au Village" which takes place every year at the Acadian Village in Lafayette Louisiana.

Please visit our projects page for sample of our work and please feel free to call or email us with any comments or questions.